Tea & Zen Meditation Retreats in Eindhoven

One of the things we enjoy the most is to hold retreats. Next to our weekly tea ceremonies these retreats are really nourishing to organize and attend. The Chinese word for ‘the Way of Tea’ is ‘Cha Dao’ (茶道). One of the meanings of ‘Dao’ is road or path. Like zen, the way of tea is a way of life, which means that it can extend outside of the tea ceremony or the meditation room as well. Participating in a retreat like this is a wonderful way to experience what it means to life a live of zen or tea for longer than the duration of a tea ceremony or a sitting meditation. It can help us break through unhelpful habits we have sustained for long enough, remind us what is truly important in our lives and allow us to really set things down and enjoy the present moment thoroughly for a weekend.
Below is all the information about the retreat concerning the schedule, guidelines, practices and the contribution. If you have any questions about any of the information offered here, feel free to contact us! In the meantime: have a bowl of tea!

Upcoming Retreats:

Jan. 24 – Jan. 26
Feb. 28 – Mar. 1 (full)
Mar. 15 (one day retreat)
Apr. 24 – Apr. 26 

Email us to sign up


Mindulness Trainings

We invite everyone during the retreat to observe and follow seven trainings for the duration of the weekend:

1) To attend all meditations sessions, morning and evening, as well as activities, tea sessions, ceremonies and tea classes.
2) To maintain a plant-based, vegetarian diet while being at the retreat.
3) To abstain from taking any and all intoxicants.
4) To honor the body and refrain from sexual misconduct.
5) To love kindness, treating myself and others with respect.
6) To maintain an open attitude, tolerant and willing to learn.
7) To love tea.

Noble Silence

As can be seen in the schedule, there is an extended period of noble silence. We would like if everyone practices the practice of noble silence during these periods.
We also encourage everyone to be mindful and attentive to when silence is conducive for our practice after the noble silence period is over, such as during tea sessions, meals, breaks and at other times. Noble silence means silence of body, speech and mind. This includes any form of communication with each other, weather by gestures, sign languages or written notes etc. During the introduction I will further explain the use and benefit of the practice of noble silence.

Technology and Connection

Because we would like to share time in intimacy, togetherness and practice with attention for each other and the present moment, we would like to invite everyone to turn off all devices throughout the weekend, or at least use them as less as possible.

Have Fun!

We hope that this weekend will be filled with presence, mindfulness, silence and wisdom. But at the same time, we also hope that it stimulates connection, joy, laughter and togetherness. After the noble silence ends on Sunday morning there is definitely space for relaxation, joy, laughter, connection and fun too!


Schedule Weekend Retreat


18:00 – Optional Simple Dinner                              
19:00 – Introduction over Tea
20:00 – Meditation (60 minutes with instructions) (start of Noble Silence)
21:00 – Instructions & Encouragement
22:00 – Lights Out and Sleep


6:00 – Wake Up (Bell)
6:30 – Meditation (60 minutes)
8:00 – Breakfast                                                                       
9:00 – Morning Bowl Tea & Tea Talk
12:30 – Lunch & Rest                                                               
14:30 – Meditation (60 minutes)
15:45 – Side Handle
18:00 – Snacks & Rest                                                               
19:30 – Meditation (60 minutes)
20:30 – Instructions & Encouragement
22:00 – Lights Out and Sleep


6:00 – Wake Up (Bell)
6:30 – Meditation (60 minutes)
8:00 – Breakfast                                                                     
9:00 – Gong Fu & Tea Talk (end of Noble Silence)
12:30 – Lunch                                                                             
14:30 – Meditation (60 minutes)
15:45 – Boiled Tea, Reflections & Gratitude sharing
18:00 – Dinner                                                          


Weekend retreat: €125,- per person
One day Retreat: €45,- per person

This includes all costs for the retreat including food, housing, spring water, charcoal, incense, candles, a minimum contribution and more of the many things that go into the organization of the retreat. 

Please transfer the total amount to me before the start of the retreat to the following bank account: NL26TRIO0198345267, on the name of J.M. Hermans.

During the retreat we will cook for each other, and some of us will do grocaries for the meals they are responsible for. You can send any amount you spend on grocaries to me and I will transfer it back to you. In this way total costs of the retreat remain €125,- regardless of the grocaries you do. From past experience we spend around €25,- per person on delicious (mostly) organic food for a weekend retreat. 

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